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Italy. Lullaby of masterpieces.

Italy. No country in the world more suited for an exhilarating, unforgettable impressions, complete relaxation and merriment than Italy. Such a density of architectural masterpieces, the richest of museums, magnificent views, gastronomic delights and amazing sights you will not find anywhere else on the planet. Only description of the most famous sights in Italy may take more than one page. What would be nice on a cold winter night to review photos from Venice, Florence or Naples, to remember the taste of amazing pizza or refined truffle risotto ... Tell us what you know about Rome and what do you have of this city? Colosseum, where gladiators were fighting, the Pantheon - a place dedicated to the gods, the Capitol, where the Senate held session, so often show in historical films. It really is the most visited place by tourists, so we will talk about the lesser-known but no less deserving of attention sights that you will see, ordering tours to Italy.

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High Tatras - Slovakia. For beginner skiers

This country attracts the snowy peaks of the mountains, turbulent tributaries of the Danube, tsymbal melodies, the beauty of historical cities, intricate caves, medieval castles, mineral springs and ski slopes. To finally conquer your guests, Slovaks put on the table cheese and beer, borovichki and dumplings, goulash and tasty lamb. And it is not necessary at this point to think about diet and figure satisfying feast for the Slovaks - a pledge of good mood and a long friendship. High Tatras - a real natural pearl of Slovakia and the highest part of the Carpathian Mountains. Every year it attracts thousands of travelers from all over Europe, with a breeze that rolled through the local trails, conquer peaks as climbers and enjoy the stunning beauty of the local landscapes. After all, the High Tatras are known for the amazing waterfalls, crystal clear glacial lakes, the highest peak in the country Gerlachovský Peak (2,655 m) and the rich flora and fauna. Welcome to the High Tatras!

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Las Vegas. The city of vice.

Las Vegas attracts tourists not only gambling houses, but also a variety of sporting events, concerts, theatrical performances, the final contest of beauty, ceremony of "porn Oscars". The city has many different attractions like the dancing fountains of the hotel "Bellagio", a copy of the Eiffel Tower "Paris" hotel, "Venetian" canals with gondoliers and many others. Besides travel agencies organize from Las Vegas many excursions - bus, car, water (Lake Mead), and air - and helicopter aircraft. The main objects to visit and inspection - located just east of the city a unique Hoover Dam, the largest reservoir in the United States Mead, the majestic and the deepest Grand Canyon; located a little further in the state of California to the west of Las Vegas, Death Valley and other places. Las Vegas - a place where there is always bills rustling , coins and rings, tempting jackpots. This is the point of attraction of respectful ladies, their rich companions - and, of course, all kinds of tourists. Growing up in a mere 20 years in the heart of the desert, Las Vegas - USA "gambling capital".

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Washington. Museum of democracy.

Washington, DC is known for its museums and art galleries. Here is the Smithsonian Institution - the world's largest complex, which includes 14 museums and about 100 million items representing. It and the Museum of History and National Art Gallery, and the Art Gallery and the Natural History Museum and many other galleries. The White House - the residence of the US president. Capitol - US Congress building. To visit the open rotunda, main hall rotunda, decorated with paintings and sculptures of famous people of America, and other facilities. You can even attend the meetings of the House of Representatives and the Senate. US Library of Congress - the oldest state cultural institution of the country and the largest library in the world. Its interiors are the work of art, so the Library of Congress - one of the main attractions of Washington. The US Supreme Court is open to the public. Arlington National Cemetery where famous war heroes rest in peace. You can visit even President Lincoln’s Cottage where he wrote project of Emancipation Proclamation.

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London. The capital of the world.

London is attractive for its history, rich collections of museums, royal palaces and parks, and many more. Everyone can find in this city that will be remembered for a lifetime and will always call back here again and again. London Museums hold in their halls of a huge collection of paintings, historical values ​​and just interesting things. In total, the city more than 300 museums and galleries, covering almost all areas of human activity. British Museum - the largest repository of archaeological finds from all over the world. The National Gallery houses one of the finest collections of Western European painting. Streets, squares and buildings of London are no less interesting. Just walking around the city you will see a magnificent ceremony of the royal guard, interesting historical buildings and more. Views of London are remarkable, as at his architectural ensembles of the greatest architects worked for centuries. In London, you need to visit the many other wonderful places: the huge Ferris wheel "London Eye" London shows bird's-eye view.

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Do you speak English ?

Where else to learn English, if not in England? English in England is much easier to teach, here the atmosphere is conducive to learning, the language barrier is overcome by itself, you just talk and get pleasure from it. English courses abroad forced to speak English, even the most stubborn, lazy and lost faith in yourself. Therefore, the assertion that the English in England (or another English speaking country) learn best sounds more than convincing. No matter at what level do you speak the language, the result is guaranteed in any case. English Courses in the UK are very popular as a quality education - one of the British character, and can not be questioned. Language courses abroad have long been a popular way of vacation or holidays. In addition to changing the situation and know the country, they bring many benefits for education and career in the future, because the knowledge of foreign languages now - this is an important item in the summary. In recent years, interest in the study of English is growing in the UK.

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SAMBA ! Samba De Janeiro !

Brazil - a vast country, starting with Rio de Janeiro and never ends. Shelter blessing of Christ the Savior, Brazil lives in the rhythm of tango, work and play. Apotheosis for Brazilians - annual Brazilian Carnival - event of the year, which is going on all over the world tourists. The beautiful mountain ranges and vast ocean, waterfalls and jungle, Copacabana Beach, the serene relaxation and ubiquitous football - it's unusual in Brazil. Arriving in magnificent Rio, at once plunged into the raging whirlpool of the city on the eve of the main event of the year in Brazil - Carnival. Immediately proceed to the implementation of the decree of the King of Carnival - all have fun! Take some time in Rio - and go catch my breath in the jungles of the Amazon and Iguazu, sunbathe on the beaches of beautiful bays of Buzios. Tickets for grandstand Carnival - are included in the tour price.

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Dominican Republic. Rum and coasts of Caribbean pirates.

Exotic trips to the Dominican Republic are popular among travelers due to the clean sandy beach and the unique beauty of the untouched nature of the country. The most famous resort in Dominican Republic - Punta Cana, is a quiet place for a relaxing family vacation or honeymoon. La Romana and Boca Chica are ideal for diving. Waves in Puerto Plata watching and allow surfing and windsurfing. A resort of Samana is known by whale watching, preserved virgin nature and coral reefs. Holidays in the Dominican Republic appreciated by lovers of beaches, unspoiled nature and the unique beauty of the underwater world. The reefs of the Caribbean full of amazing fish and animals, and the beaches beckon cleanliness and privacy. In the Dominican Republic, the level of hotels are on high quality, and pleasantly varied local cuisine. Haiti Island, where the Dominican Republic, not only beautiful, but also great, there are what to see tourists and photographers. Tours to the Dominican Republic will plunge into the soft and bright summer all year round.

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Welcome to the celestial China.

Tours in China are very popular thanks to the ancient history of the country, combined with modern progress. Dynamic Shanghai is famous not only a large number of modern buildings, a variety of shopping centers, night clubs and restaurants, but also a variety of attractions. The country's capital Beijing will amaze travelers by a combination of different architectural styles - from the Imperial Palace to the huge skyscrapers. In Guangzhou, you can go shopping or visit one of the festivals. For a beach holiday resort suitable Sanya is located on Hainan Island. All year round you can sunbathe on the sandy beaches, swim in the warm sea or diving, surfing and other sports. Hong Kong or Syanagan - means "fragrant harbor", once taken out of here a variety of spices and incense. This city is infinitely varied in their splendor. It combines the sophistication of the monuments of ancient architecture, modern skyscrapers with grandeur. For centuries, this rocky island of the Chinese coast served as a haven for pearl divers, fishermen, pirates and smugglers.

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Knockin' on heaven's door

On the coast of the Gulf of Thailand, a two hour drive south-east of Bangkok, is the most famous Thai resort Pattaya (which means "wind blowing from the southwest to the northeast before the start of the rainy season"). If traveling by car, you begin to gain experience in the road. On both sides of the highway stretch endless rice fields, where knee-deep in the water working peasants in broad straw hats, and plantations where they grow pineapples, papayas, mangoes and other exotic fruits. On the horizon one can see the slopes of small mountains covered by dense tropical forests. Occasionally on the way there are small villages. Stock up on fruits, and simultaneously quench the thirst of coconut juice can be immediately peasants sell the fruits of their labor directly to the side of the road.Phuket is located on the coast of the Andaman Sea, where it welcomes all who want to relax on the beautiful beaches and swim in the emerald waters of the sea. Every year Phuket hotels are taking more and more visitors, which means ever-growing popularity of destinations, regardless of the season. Then we set up a first-class conditions for practicing various water sports, recreation, relaxation and so on.

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Budget pearl of Mediterranean.

Beach vacation in Antalya will be a comfortable and fun: on the coast there are many comfortable hotels, cafes and restaurants in the European and national styles, clubs and discos. This is the largest in the Mediterranean Turkish Riviera city is the business center and shopping. Therefore, the purchase of high-quality and inexpensive things - clothing, footwear, textiles, jewelry - will be an enjoyable part of the trip. The Turks called the Mediterranean "white" - in Turkish "Ak-Deniz". The appearance of such names was due, according to one version, white mist over the water, which saw the first settlers. On the other - the name came from overseas transparency. Tours in Antalya - a sure way to ensure that enjoy the beauty and livability of Mediterranean beaches. They are considered one of the cleanest and safest in Europe and the world, as confirmed by the Foundation for Economic Development issued by the "Blue Flag".The three main beaches - Lara, Konyaalti Bichparku - easy to reach from anywhere in the city.

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The King's Bay

Sharm El-Sheikh. Translated resort name means "king's Bay." Sharm El Sheikh is considered the most prestigious and beautiful resort. There are a huge number of high class hotels, beaches and entertainment, working around the clock. Sharm El Sheikh is famous for landscapes of the Sinai Peninsula, granite mountains, Coloured Canyon, unprecedented beauty of the coral reefs, the legendary Mount Moses, groves of mangroves National Park, hot springs and much more. Hurghada - one of the most popular resorts on the Red Sea coast. The resort features the most modern hotels such as "Intercontinental", "Hilton" and "Marriott". Wonderful pure Red Sea beaches, the sun and all the amenities for a family vacation will not leave indifferent any tourist. And, of course, extraordinary underwater world of the Red Sea will make your heart beat faster. In all the cities on the coast are actively represented international diving centers, where you will be trained to dive and show unforgettable beauty.

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Great experience with embassies.

During the work our company has got a great experience with the different embassies, so the visa with our participation will take place without any difficulty. Answers to your questions and expert advice will help to have a clear understanding of each stage of obtaining a visa.

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